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Maintenance purposes
Look under the warranty period, regular maintenance and vehicle maintenance is divided into two major categories of non-regular maintenance.
1) The regular maintenance are: routine maintenance, a maintenance, two maintenance; regular maintenance purposes: on a car is composed of thousands of parts. With the use of functional components (including oil) performance due to wear, aging, corrosion and other factors decreased. Under normal driving the vehicle, such changes occur gradually in many parts. Because there is no use of a car exactly the same, so each part can not be expected to have the same wear and aging. Therefore, the plant provides some of the inspection cycle for those who can be expected to produce over time changes or adjustment of components and replacement, which is "regular maintenance." Its purpose is to restore the vehicle's performance to the best position to prevent small problems into big problems, to ensure the safety of the vehicle, and a better economy and longer service life.
2) non-regular maintenance include: running of maintenance and seasonal maintenance.